*:・゚✧ WELCOME!


Welcome to my site.

It's gone through several revamps and hiatuses for who knows how long, but I'm now using this site as a personal archive and gallery for my projects. This is the first time I've coded a site without using a template.

You're more than welcome to look around this site via the navigation menu, or visit my other sites from the landing page. Thanks for visiting though. ^^;

This site has some JavaScript running around, but it's for making the header, footer, and sidebar contents consistent throughout the site. I really hate having to update the navigation on every single page, so Javascript has been a huge lifesaver for that.

Also this site is best viewed on PC.


  • 10/26/2023: Site restructuring.
  • 09/08/2023: Made a Media page to store quick reviews of the media that I have consumed over the years! It's barebones but I'm writing everything on my Anytype database now... Also the sidebar has a random quotes section because why not.
  • 06/19/2023: Finally pulled this one site together, and now onto the next!

This site usually go through occassional QOL updates and get new content if possible - whenever I feel like it.

New artworks and writings may be added to this site at any point, and I'll try to set up an RSS feed specifically for site and content updates.